Student Eligibility

Hatch is dedicated to providing free and high-quality tutoring to as many underserved K-12 students that our program can serve. We are not able to guarantee that each student that applies will be matched with a Teaching Fellow based on our current capacity. Hatch will prioritize admission to students who apply based on the following evaluation standards of their application:

Primary evaluation standard:

Hatch prioritizes admission of applicants that qualify for free and reduced lunch at their local public school and have marked so on our application.

Secondary evaluation standards:

Additional factors on a student's application that Hatch will consider for priority admission to the program are the following:

  • Student will be the first in family to attend college
  • Application indicates student or family's low-income status or other financial hardship
  • Application mentions special circumstances that prevent the student from accessing other academic tutoring resources, including language barriers**

**Hatch is not able to guarantee tutoring for students who primarily speak a language that is not English, have a learning disabiliy, or request a tutoring subject that our Teaching Fellows are not familiar with. If you have any questions about a student's ability to receive tutoring with Hatch, please email

Hatch Tutors retains the ability to cease all tutoring services at any time with any participating students or families. If Hatch receives reasonable notice that an applicant has provided false or misleading information in their application of which has affected their admission according to these standards, Hatch retains the right to remove the student from the program immediately.