Hear from the Hatch community!

Hatch supports students and families nationwide from underserved backgrounds. Hear the stories from a Hatch student, Teaching Fellow, parent, and our founder on how Hatch has made an impact!
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1:1 Tutoring

Hatch is dedicated to providing academic support to students through one-on-one online tutoring. Students in our program receive tutoring at least once per a week during a 10-week program.
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Students and Teaching fellows gain access to a social community with Hatch social events. We emphasize a sense of connection and support through the Hatch community.
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Hatch provides learning webinars to support the growth of our students outside of the classroom. Popular webinars include: College Readiness, Productivity, Working with Learning Differences.

Meet Some of our Teaching Fellows!

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Nisha is a Princeton graduate. Nisha studied Molecular Biology and has dreams of becoming a doctor. She enjoys tutoring students and loves getting to know them.
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Leslie is a graduate student at Stanford University. Leslie grew up in a low-income family and loves to meet and help other students who come from a similar background through Hatch's program.
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Johnny is a graduate of Georgetown University. Johnny is interested in education and helping students achieve their dreams through the Hatch tutoring program.