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We are excited that you are interested in joining Hatch to receive tutoring! Please fill out this application to the best of your ability. If your family has multiple students interested in receiving tutoring, please fill out separate applications for each student. Learn more about Hatch Tutors at

The priority deadline to apply for the Fall 2022 cycle is August 26th, 2022. The Hatch fall cycle will be a 12-week program from September 16th, 2022 to December 9th, 2022. Click HERE to see the guidelines we will use to determine your eligibility for the Hatch program.

NOTE: Si necesita ayuda con esta solicitud para el programa gratis de tutoría del verano, nos contacte a 如果您需要帮助请发电子邮件:

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This application must be filled out and submitted by an individual above 13 years of age.

Applicant Information

Caregiver Information

A caregiver is a person who provides direct care to the student(s).

Family Information

Hatch's goal is to provide free and high-quality academic support to family who may not otherwise have access to these resources. To determine your family's eligibility for this program, please fill out the following questions to the best of your ability.

Select all that applies for your family:

If you marked that a student has learning differences, please tell us which student and give us more information about how this affects your student’s learning (note: our tutors do not have special education training).

Please describe any other special circumstances you would like us to know about your family or the student that would help us identify your qualification for the program. (NOTE: the more information you are able to provide, the better we will be able to determine your student's elibility.)

How did you hear about Hatch? If you heard about us from a specific person, let us know the name of that person:

Student Information

Please fill out the following information. Please enter caregiver email if student does not have an email.

If you have participated in the Hatch program in the past and would like to work with the same Teaching Fellow, let us know here. We will do our best to accommodate these requests when possible.

Tutoring Subjects

We offer tutoring in English Reading, English Writing, Math (up to Algebra), Geometry, Calculus, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Spanish, French, Chinese, SAT (all subjects), ACT (all subjects), and College applications.

If the subject you would like tutoring in is not listed, we will try our best to accommodate your need but we cannot guarantee tutoring.

Which of the following academic challenges apply to you? Select all that apply.

Tutoring Sessions

To help us match you with your tutor, select all days that work for you on a weekly basis from September 16th, 2022 to December 9th, 2022. (NOTE: We encourage you to pick at least 2 days to speed up the matching process)

Please select all that apply:

Would you be willing to be put on the waitlist and be admitted after the program begins if we do not have the space to accommodate you?*

Please continue to check your email within the next two weeks so you do not miss important emails from us!